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Pete Olson Blasts Congressional Democrats' Health Care Plan, Calling It ‘Disastrous'

Pete Olson Blasts Congressional Democrats’ Health Care Plan, Calling It ‘Disastrous’
Fort Bend Now
July 20th, 2009  |  by Bob Dunn | Published in News  | 

A health care system proposed by congressional Democrats “would be disastrous for Americans and further cripple our economy,” U.S. Rep. Pete Olson said in an email on Monday.

“It includes an unprecedented expansion of government involvement in health care, including the creation of a government-run public option that could result in more than 114 million Americans losing their current health care coverage,” Olson said.

“The public option allows the government to act as regulator and funder for the public option,” Olson added. “This will allow them to set rates for reimbursements and bail out the public option if it fails to compete with its private sector counterparts.”

Olson’s comments come as President Obama is scheduled to stump for health care reform this week, arguing that leaving the health care insurance system as it is will result in rocketing costs.

In a move apparently designed to coincide with the president’s push for health care change, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele termed the congressional health care plan “an experiment.”

In doing so, he apparently followed the advice of well-known GOP consultant Alex Castellanos, who urged in a July 7 memo that Republicans begin referring to the Democrats’ health care plan in certain specific terms.

“They want a Washington-centered plan,” he said in the memo. “We support patient-centered reforms. They want a big Washington experiment with our health. We want common-sense simple fixes that will yield real results.”

“They want to start building a closed health care system where Washington decides how much money will be saved on health care by controlling the doctors you can see…” Castellanos’ memo said, emphasis included. “The patient-centered health care movement supports and open health-care system where patients and doctors make those decisions.”

Olson, R-Sugar Land, also appeared to be taking a cue from Castellanos.

“Any health care reform package Congress considers should empower Americans with opportunity and provide Americans the ability to make unencumbered decisions about their course of care,” Olson said in the email, saying such a package only is possible via a “system which champions personal ownership and coverage.”

“I will continue to urge my colleagues to put forth a plan that ensures personal decisions, not government run health care,” Olson said. “And I will not support a plan that raises taxes on small businesses or individuals.”