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Olson: GAO Reports Close To $1 Billion In Taxpayer Dollars Spent By Abortion Advocates

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) today announced the release of a new GAO report on taxpayer dollars spent by organizations that perform or promote abortion.  Olson was joined by Live Action, Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America and several key members of Congress for this announcement.  The report outlines the almost $1 billion in taxpayer dollars directed to these organizations.  According to GAO, “expenditures in this report may understate the actual amount of federal funds the selected organizations and their affiliates spent.”

“A majority of Americans oppose taxpayer funding for groups that promote or perform abortions,” Olson said.  “With the national debt over $13 trillion - costing every American $118,000 - we must apply strict scrutiny to every federal dollar allocated.  Since coming to Congress, I have fought against unnecessary and excessive government spending in all areas.  It is disturbing that these organizations spent over a billion dollars over eight years.  That this tax money is spent by organizations that offend the majority of Americans only further justifies the need for this alarming report.”

Summary of GAO Report
Selected Organizations receiving government funding :
•    Advocates for Youth: $8.7 Million (total from 2002-2009)
•    Guttmacher Institute:  $12.7 Million (total from 2002-2008)
•    International Planned Parenthood Federation: $93.8 million (total from 2002-2009)
•    Planned Parenthood Federation of America : $657.1 million (total from 2002-2008)
•    Population Council of the United States: $284.3 million (total from 2002-2008)
•    Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States:  $1.6 million (total from 2002-2009)
Funding for Elective Abortion:
Hyde and Helms: Funding reflected in this report is covered by limitation of funds policies known as the Hyde and Helms amendments.  These two policies are attached to annual appropriations bills and ensure that funds are not used directly for elective abortion.  However, by funding the organizations we expand their facilities and influence, and give the taxpayers stamp of approval on their abortion agenda.

Additional Members who requested the GAO report with Olson.
List of Requesters
The Honorable John Boehner Republican Leader – House of Representatives
The Honorable Sam Brownback, The Honorable John Cornyn, The Honorable Jim DeMint, The Honorable James Inhofe, The Honorable David Vitter – United States Senate
The Honorable Joe Barton Ranking Member – Committee on Energy and Commerce House of Representatives
The Honorable Paul Ryan Ranking Member – Committee on the Budget House of Representatives
The Honorable Mike Pence – Republican Conference Chair
The Honorable Lamar Smith – Ranking Member, House Judiciary Committee
The Honorable Chris Smith – Chair, Pro-Life Caucus
The Honorable Todd Akin, The Honorable Michelle Bachmann, The Honorable Roscoe Bartlett, The Honorable Marsha Blackburn, The Honorable Paul Broun, The Honorable Vern Buchanan, The Honorable John Fleming, The Honorable Trent Franks, The Honorable Scott Garrett, The Honorable Phil Gingrey, The Honorable Duncan Hunter, The Honorable Walter Jones, The Honorable Jim Jordan, The Honorable Steve King, The Honorable Doug Lamborn, The Honorable Kenny Marchant, The Honorable Ron Paul, The Honorable Joe Pitts, The Honorable Steve Scalise – House of Representatives

Media Contact: Melissa Kelly - 202-225-5951