Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas


America needs a stable supply of reliable and affordable energy to keep our economy strong. We can achieve this with a comprehensive energy policy. Congress and the federal government must focus on removing the unnecessary roadblocks to increase production, bring down prices, and create jobs. We need an all of the above approach to energy production to remain competitive in an ever increasing global marketplace. The success of Texas and America continues to depend on access to abundant, reliable, and affordable sources of energy. An-all-of-the-above approach to energy will help ensure reliability and affordability that includes fossil fuels, renewable energy and nuclear energy. America has proven domestic resources that are blocked from access thanks to an obstructionist federal government. In just the last year, we have watched the Obama Administration increasingly close areas of the country off for offshore energy development, halt permits for energy mining, and dramatically increase rules on energy production. This is not just an energy security issue, but a jobs and economic issue at a time of record unemployment. As a member of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, I will be working to address these issues.

As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, I sit on the Energy Subcommittee for the 116th Congress. I am also co-chair of the Corrosion Prevention Caucus with Rep. Elizabeth H. Esty (D-CT). Click here for more information.

Ensuring Balance on EPA Clean Air Rules
Houston, the epicenter for energy production, has worked hard to improve air quality in our region and local industry has reduced ozone levels by 18% over the last decade. That’s an important improvement in air quality.  These improvements come from standards issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to improve air quality. In 2008, they issued a new, lower standard that has been expensive to implement, translating into higher costs for local businesses. While we are still working to achieve the 2008 mandate, EPA recently issued a sweeping new rule to achieve an even lower standard that may not be achievable in some parts of the country. By issuing a new rule before the old one has even been implemented, EPA is hurting our economy. Without congressional action, these job-killing regulations will be felt across Texas and America.

That’s why Energy and Power Subcommittee Vice Chairman Pete Olson (R-TX), was joined by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), and Reps. Bob Latta (R-OH), Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX),  and Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) to introduce H.R. 4775, the Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2016. This bipartisan bill would update how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) addresses ozone requirements in the Clean Air Act. EPA recently issued a new standard requiring a reduction in the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for ozone, from the current level of 75 parts per billion (PPB) down to 70 PPB.
Click here for text of H.R. 4775.
The Energy and Power Subcommittee recently held a hearing on H.R. 4775. Click here for more info.
Click here for a fact sheet on H.R. 4775.
Click here & here to view a letter of support for H.R. 4775.

Cutting Off ISIS Energy Funds
Estimates indicate that in 2014, the terrorist regime, the Islamic State (ISIS), was producing 50,000 oil barrels per day. While the US has targeted ISIS’ oil refineries and other energy capabilities, more needs to be done. The Islamic State is still funding its war against America by selling hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of oil and gas in unregulated underground markets. In an age where energy is a precious commodity, their energy production not only funds crimes against humanity, but it also forms the means by which would-be “states” like ISIS survive.

We must take every measure to cut off ISIS’ funding at the source, which is why I introduced H.R. 4826, the Energy and American Security Act. This bipartisan bill spurs the Department of Energy (DOE) to use all opportunities to work with the Department of Defense (DOD) to stop ISIS oil production and cut off a main source of revenue for their terrorist activities. DOE energy experts can provide critical guidance to DOD as they work to stop these terrorists. I’m pleased to have strong bipartisan support for this important effort and look forward to getting this bill passed on the House floor and sent to the Senate.

Additional Energy Bills Introduced by Rep. Olson:
H.R.4265: The Clean Air Implementation Act
Sponsor: Rep. Pete Olson (Introduced 12/16/15)
H.R.1388: Clean Air, Strong Economies Act
Sponsor: Rep Olson, Pete (Introduced 03/17/2015)
H.R.2134: Listing Reform Act
Sponsor: Rep. Olson, Pete (Introduced 04/30/2015)
H.R.1558: Resolving Environmental and Grid Reliability Conflicts Act
Sponsor: Rep. Olson, Pete (Introduced 03/24/2015)
H.R.1320: Commonsense Legislative Exceptional Events Reforms Act
Sponsor: Rep. Olson, Pete (Introduced 03/04/2015)

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