Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas


June 1, 2011

Rep. Pete Olson (R-Sugar Land) today issued the following statement of congratulations to the Endeavour crew STS-134 for a successful final flight to the International Space Station:

"Congratulations to Commander Mark Kelly and the entire STS-134 crew for a successful trip to the International Space Station," Olson said.  "The astronaut crew and everyone involved in the critical work of getting a shuttle in and out of orbit safely are some of the best and brightest in America.  Endeavour has had a 19-year career as an orbiting space plane.

"After a final flight of 6.5-million miles that lasted 16 days with 248 orbits, Endeavour will be laid to rest at a museum in California.  The fact that America has only one shuttle flight remaining is a sobering reminder of the need for Congress and the President to provide NASA with a clear mission to excel in human space exploration. The recent decision to continue development of the Orion space capsule as the Multi-purpose Crew Vehicle, the space system to carry U.S. astronauts beyond Low Earth Orbit was an important step in the right direction, but we must also provide a clear mission for NASA as well as the resources to achieve it."


Media Contact: Melissa Kelly