Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas

Olson Acts To Block Energy Revenue for ISIS

March 22, 2016
Press Release

Rep. Pete Olson (TX) today acted to help cut off funding for the terrorist regime the Islamic State by introducing H.R. 4826, the Energy and American Security Act. This bipartisan legislation acknowledges the role of energy policy in national security and further opens the door for the Department of Energy (DOE) to work with the Department of Defense (DOD) to refine American capabilities to hinder Islamic State oil production and cut off a main source of revenue for their terrorist activities. Olson original cosponsors include: Reps. Brad Ashford (NE), Adam Kinzinger (IL), Mike Pompeo (KS), Jim Costa (CA), Billy Long (MO), Gregg Harper (MS), Peter King (NY), Joe Barton (TX), David McKinley (WV), Brett Guthrie (KY), and Renee Ellmers (NC).

“Terrorists will use any means necessary to obtain funds to further their reign of terror,” Rep. Pete Olson said. “In an age where energy is a precious commodity, their energy production not only funds crimes against humanity, but it also forms the means by which would-be “states” like ISIS survive. We must take every measure to cut off ISIS funding at the source. DOE energy experts can provide critical guidance to DOD as they work to stop these terrorists. I’m pleased to have strong bipartisan support for this important effort and look forward to getting this bill passed on the House floor and sent to the Senate.”

H.R. 4826 Summary:

  • Sense of Congress on issues such as the relationship of energy and national security;
  • Instructing DOE to aid DOD, including in methods to hinder, destroy, or discourage the             development, transportation, and sale of ISIS energy resources; and
  • Finally, the bill instructs DOE to brief Congress on any opportunities to offset ISIS oil and gas.

*Olson is Vice Chair of the Energy and Power subcommittee.


Contact: Melissa Kelly