Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas

Olson Applauds Committee Action on ESA Bill

October 4, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Rep. Pete Olson (TX-22) today thanked the House Natural Resources Committee for approving his bill, H.R. 717, the Listing Reform Act, which allows for the consideration of significant economic effects that may occur as a result of an ESA threatened listing or designation of critical habitat. The committee approved the bill with bipartisan support.

“Texans value our open space, our land and the animals on it,” Rep. Pete Olson said. “We must protect our endangered species, but we need to do it in a smart way. The Endangered Species Act was enacted to protect truly endangered species, not serve as a political weapon for extreme environmentalists. Protecting endangered species can and should be done in a common sense way. The government needs the flexibility to act quickly and intelligently on listing and delisting petitions. I thank my colleagues on the House Natural Resources Committee for taking up this bill and moving it through their committee. I look forward to seeing it passed on the House floor soon so we can work to protect truly endangered species.”

Under ESA, any organization can petition that a species can be listed (or delisted) as “endangered” or “threatened” and thus eligible for special protections. The current process does not allow federal agencies to prioritize these listings by targeting the most endangered species first and instead focuses on inflexible and often unreasonable deadlines. Reforms will streamline the federal process and reduce burdens on our communities.



Media Contact: Melissa Kelly