Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas


October 19, 2011
Press Release

Houston, TX - “ Rep. Pete Olson (R-Sugar Land) held a meeting on Saturday with his Congressional Youth Advisory Council about the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to ensure American remains globally competitive. Olson stressed the significance of the role of STEM in various fields and workforce sectors. The students shared their interest in STEM and how it is being incorporated in their schools.

"The STEM disciplines are critically important in providing an environment for innovation and scientific discovery in an increasingly competitive global economy." Olson said. "There is no better place to highlight the benefits than Houston, TX.  The Johnson Space Center is a living example of how America achieved global leadership through STEM education and serves as an important source of inspiration for area students to pursue careers in these fields.

"These talented students are future leaders, and it's a pleasure to work with them to better understand their concerns. The Youth Advisory Council also allows the students to experience the value of participating in their communities at an early age."

Dave Brower, President of Astro Technology Inc., and Fernando Guzman, President/CEO of Prime Eco Group, also participated in the event, talking with students about STEM and the vital role it plays in their businesses.


Rep. Olson with the Congressional Youth Advisory Council


Rep. Olson with the Congressional Youth Advisory Council

Media Contact: Melissa Kelly

Students participating in the Advisory Council include:
Dawson High School
Colton Andrews, Junior
Irene Cofie, Senior
Ivy Lawrence-Walls, Senior
Rima Patel, Junior
Sharon Yang, Freshman

Pearland High School
Cynthia Jyrkila, Senior
Saydi Wollney, Senior

Austin High School

Siri Soth, Junior  

Clements High School
Bailey Arlinghaus, Senior
Rohail Dadwani, Senior
Victoria Diggs, Senior
Nikhil Iyer, Senior
Oluwafikayo Koyejo, Senior
Stephanie Lin, Junior
Brant Meredith, Sophmore
Baher Michel, Senior
Mah-rukh Muhammad, Senior
Sahar Sawani, Senior
Benjamin Segall, Junior
Gordon Tsai, Junior
Yu-Ting (Joyce) Toh, Senior
Madison Weaver, Senior     

Elkins High School
Milan Doshi, Junior
Abby Kincer, Senior    

Foster High School
Stephanie Tsai, Senior

Hightower High School
Michelle Walton, Senior

Kempner High School
Drew Liscum, Senior
Allison Mock, Senior

Clear Springs High School
Kayla Cox, Senior
Nilufar Gorek, Junior
John Herrmann, Senior
Ravena Jacob, Junior
Amanda Kerstman, Senior
Komal Luthra, Sophmore
Maximillian McElligott, Junior
Priya Ramchandra, Senior
Logan Reed, Senior

Clear Brook High School
Daniel Casas, Freshman
Zachariah Higginbotham, Junior         

Clear Lake High School
Ryan Horlacher, Freshman
George Liu, Senior          

Deer Park High School
Katelyn Moody, Sophmore

Pasadena Memorial High School
Erika Garza, Senior
Blake Huddleston, Senior
Leslie Lopez , Junior