Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas

Olson Military Aviation Bill Passed by the House

October 14, 2009
Press Release
Rep. Pete Olson today saw his first piece of legislation pass the House of Representatives.  House Resolution 445 is a bill commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. Army Signal Corps’ first purchase of an airplane – the Wright Military Flyer for $30,000.  American military aviation has been an instrumental component of superior combat operations.

“As a former Naval Aviator, I have firsthand knowledge of the vital and essential role the Airmen of the United States Military play in protecting our homeland and strengthening our global alliances,” Olson said.  “Given the air superiority the United States enjoys today, it’s easy to forget that 100 years ago there was much skepticism about the usefulness of aircraft to our Armed Forces.  

“Today, as we look back over 100 years of military aviation in the United States of America, we honor the heroes of military aviation and thank them for the shining path they created for our country.  Military aviation plays an instrumental role in our armed forces and I am proud that the House has acknowledged their efforts.”

Whether it is pinpointing enemy fighters along the ridges of eastern Afghanistan from the cockpit of a P-3 Orion, manning a C-17 to deliver needed supplies to our troops on the ground, or operating strategic airstrikes with Predator drones from thousands of miles away, today in Iraq and Afghanistan, our military aviators remain on guard.  

For more information on H. Res. 445 click here.