Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas

Olson On Spending Deal

February 14, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) tonight released the following statement after the House passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act:

“On Monday in El Paso, I heard President Trump firsthand make a passionate and well thought out case for both sides of the aisle to come together to end the humanitarian crisis along our southern border. It’s disheartening to see Speaker Pelosi, Minority Leader Schumer and the Democrats turn a blind eye to this crisis.

“Tonight we were forced by the Democrats to do nothing or to vote on a spending bill that funds the barrier in the Rio Grande Valley but falls short on other parts of our southern border.  Since the Democrats have reduced our humanitarian crisis to a joke, President Trump was forced to accept less than our heroes on the border patrol say they need to fully control our southern border.

 “While I know we can do better in terms of border security funding, I was pleased to see the bill prioritizes funding for federal law enforcement to combat terrorists, gangs and drug traffickers, all of whom are flowing through our porous southern border. The bill also provided $12.6 billion for the Disaster Relief Fund, something we as Texans know is important when our communities rebuild after being tested by Hurricane Harvey.”

The Consolidated Appropriations Act:

  • Provides $12 billion to support the US Coast Guard
  • Includes $12.6 billion is for the Disaster Relief Fund
  • Provides $1.68 billion for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
  • Maintains all enacted pro-life provisions
  • Prohibits the FDA from approving genetic modification of human embryos
  • Includes Smith Amendment prohibiting abortion funding in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
  • Rejects Democrats attempt to roll back the Administration’s expanded Mexico City Policy
  • Prioritizes funding for federal law enforcement to combat terrorists, gangs, and drug traffickers
  • Strengthens enforcement of sanctions on Iran, North Korea, and Russia
  • Includes $3.3 billion for the US-Israel security assistance
  • Funds implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • Reins in EPA’s regulatory agenda and cuts funding for regulatory programs
  • Provides funding to fight wildfires
  • Support for key programs to fight opioid abuse
  • Increases Highway funding by $1.8 billion, for a total of $49.26 billion


Media Contact: Cate Cullen