Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas

Olson On Trump Withdrawing From US-North Korea Summit

February 28, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) today released the following statement regarding President Trump’s summit in Hanoi, Vietnam with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un:

“I support President Trump’s decision to walk away from the deal proposed by North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. While discussions are good, what North Korea was asking for – ending our effective sanctions before North Korea agreed to completely end it’s dangerous and destabilizing nuclear weapons programs - was certainly not in the best interests of America, our allies or world peace. We are still talking with the North Koreans to resolve this stalemate.  I am optimistic that President Trump and our negotiators can reach a deal with North Korea that finally ends the Korean War.”


Media Contact: Cate Cullen