Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas

Olson Opposes Iran Nuclear Agreement

September 11, 2015
Press Release

Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) voted to reject the Iran nuclear agreement negotiated by President Obama and Iranian leaders in a series of votes. Today, by a vote of 162-269, the House rejected H.R. 3461, a bill to approve the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, signed at Vienna on July 14, 2015, relating to the nuclear program of Iran. A second vote on H.R. 3460, suspends the President’s authority to lift sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program, passed by a vote of 247-186.

“This agreement empowers Iran and weakens America, Israel and our allies in the Middle East and I cannot support it,” Rep. Pete Olson said. “Supporters make the false claim that the only alternative to this flawed deal is war. They argue that a bad deal is better than no deal. America should never settle for a bad deal. We should continue to push for a good deal – one that makes us and our allies safe. After 15 years, when Iran’s restrictions are fully lifted, they will be able to produce enough fuel for a nuclear bomb within days. Iran’s regional threat will escalate and threaten the United States and our allies. The American people and the House of Representatives have rejected this agreement and I urge my Senate colleagues to oppose it as well.”

Yesterday, the House also passed H. Res. 411, a resolution that determined the President failed to comply with section 2 of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015. The resolution passed the House by a vote of 245-186.



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