Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas

Olson Statement on Current US/Israeli Relations

March 18, 2010
Press Release

Rep Pete Olson today issued the following statement in support of Israel in the wake of recent events involving the United States and Israel relations:

“Every Israeli government for the past four decades – both left and right – has approved settlement construction in East Jerusalem.  The Administration is well aware of this and has no reason to be surprised or insulted by a construction decision made over a three year period by a regional planning committee. 

“The timing of the Israeli government’s announcement during the visit of our Vice President was unfortunate and for that the Prime Minister offered an apology that the Vice President accepted.  Sadly, it seems that in their unending attempt to appeal to the fringe of the Arab world, the Administration has chosen to pick an unnecessary fight with one of our strongest allies in the world.  This is unwarranted and must stop.

“The Road Map of 2003 did not require that Israel halt construction in East Jerusalem.  It did, however, require the Palestinians to quash incitement.  Yet you would be hard pressed to find Israel recognized on a map in Palestinian text books. And just last week the Palestinians dedicated a public square in honor of Dalal Mughrabi – a Palestinian terrorist who murdered 13 Israeli children 32 years ago. 

“Yet I hear no public outcry of condemnation from the Administration aimed at Palestinian President Abbas regarding the continued incitement that is carried out on a daily basis.  I join my colleagues in our strong stance against the Administration’s unwarranted and disproportionate criticism of Israel.”


Contact: Melissa Kelly