Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas

Olson Statement on Democrat Refusal to Open Health Care Negotiations to the Public

January 6, 2010
Press Release

Sugar Land, TX – Rep. Pete Olson today issued the following statement urging the President and Congressional Democrats to shine a light on health care negotiations:

“It is deplorable and a huge disservice to the American people for a few select people in power to negotiate a massive takeover of our nation’s health care system behind closed doors. 

“During the campaign, President Obama promised voters that health care negotiations would be televised live. Time and time again the president’s promise has been broken. Recently, C-SPAN wrote congressional leaders asking that all future health care negotiations be open to the public through media coverage.  That request has been denied.

“A majority of Americans are opposed to this health care plan; perhaps that is why this campaign promise was broken.  The refusal to shine a light on negotiations that will impact every single American and over one sixth of our nation’s economy is a breach of public trust. 

“Public trust is a sacred responsibility that is being sacrificed for a partisan, political agenda.  I will continue to push for open and honest negotiations and urge all Americans to do the same.

“You have to wonder: If this legislation is being crafted without accountability and responsibility, then what type of health care system will result?  Americans should be concerned about how their government is being run and what their health care system will be like in the future.”


Contact: Melissa Kelly