Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas

Olson Statement on End of Year Legislative Items

December 17, 2009
Press Release

Washington, DC – Rep. Pete Olson today issued the following statement upon House consideration of year end legislative items including the defense appropriations bill, a continuing resolution to fund federal government operations, a Democrat “jobs” bill and an increase in the U.S. debt limit:

“I was pleased that the Democrats listened to reason and removed the debt ceiling increase from legislation providing funding for our troops.  Cooler heads prevailed and I was proud to support a clean bill that provides the funding our troops need to complete their mission.
“The remaining pieces of legislation passed by the House of Representatives are consistent with the “throw money at the problem” approach that the Democrat Leadership has taken this entire year.  In a recession, with extremely limited resources, Congress has gone on a spending spree writing costly checks that taxpayers cannot afford to pay.  I opposed these irresponsible measures because we have a duty to ensure that we are not mortgaging our children’s future.

“America cannot continue down this reckless path.  In my first year in Congress, we have seen record spending- a failed $787 billion stimulus bill, a cap-and-trade energy bill costing the taxpayers $821 billion, and, of course, the health care bill that passed the House at the price of $1.3 trillion.  

“Unemployment remains at a historic high of 10%in the wake of a year of failed economic policies by the Administration and this Congress, yet their proposed solution to that failure is another costly spending bill.  Escalating our epic debt load is not the solution. 

“There are many opportunities for both parties to work together to find common sense solutions to the problems our nation faces. Fiscal responsibility tops the list of problems.  The economic realities will come crashing down on us and our children if we do not work together to find solutions to these problems soon.”


Contact: Melissa Kelly