Congressman Pete Olson

Representing the 22nd District of Texas

Flag Requests

I can arrange the purchase, at cost, of a United States flag. There are several sizes available in both cotton and nylon.

You may complete a flag request form by clicking here

In addition, I can arrange to have the flag flown over the Capitol Building to commemorate a special occasion. Upon delivery, the flag will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that indicates the date flown, and a brief personalized description of the occasion commemorated.

It is a unique way for families to remember anniversaries, celebrate graduations, birthdays or Eagle and Girl Scout achievements. Flags are flown each day of the year, but take approximately four to six weeks to process.

I can also assist you in obtaining Presidential greetings for special occasions such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays. There are a number of options, for more information please click here